Meet Your Care Team

The Senior Care would like to celebrate the importance of ethics, compassion and commitment in the healthcare profession by thanking our nurses, caregivers and entire staff for their hard work and dedication day in and day out.

Ms.Tan Swee Kim


Matron Tan is the Branch Manager at The Senior Care. With over 36 years of solid experience in multi-disciplinary units of various hospitals and also specializes in wound dressing, she leads our teams of nurses and caregivers at our facility.  She retired as a Chief Matron in Ampang Hospital.

She does her job with a calm confidence, helping to provide stability and comfort to team members and residents. She inspires her team and has created such positive changes that can be seen as soon as you walk into our facility.

Matron Tan collaborates with all our staffs on a daily basis to help them provide quality care to the residents, and she also provides the coaching and positive reinforcement that fellow team members need. She forms close personal relationships with family members, enabling them to feel comfortable with the care of their loved ones.

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